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WUXI BAOLIN NAIL-MAKING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is located shore of the scenery beautiful Tai Lake---East the pavilion, the geographical position is superior, the transportation facilitates extremely.
The company constructed in 1998, was a specialized production nail enterprise.The production nail, the drawing machine and the computer program control air operated gun nail, the volume nail machine as well as the production each kind of air operated gun nail (volume nail, models a row of nail, a paper row of nail and so on) and so on the products.The company has the abundant technical force and the advanced production equipment, enable the enterprise to have the consummation quality assurance system, the science strict control system.Produces the product mix is reasonable,the performance is superior, the craft is advanced, the product quality achieved the overseas advanced level, this product makes each kind of nail, the steel nail, the linoleum nail, the corrugated nail, double braves the nail, the U nail, the bread twist nail, the concentric pattern nail and the air operated gun nail, is the steel wire. Electric wire. Making. Construction decoration and so on profession essential special purpose equipment.The product is sold to the domestic and foreign markets, deeply user community's consistent high praise......

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